Treasure Hunt in Dubai

From City Adventure to Team Experience in Dubai

Dubai: in the last years this sparkling and luxurious city has become one of the most famous touristic destinations worldwide. It has a unique charm thanks to the extraordinary landscape between sand dunes, beaches, and skyscrapers. Urban Game or Treasure Hunt in Dubai is our way to visit this beautiful city for a really exclusive corporate team building event.

Here at Team Working we love adventure! One of our favourite games is Treasure Hunt. With its many variations, this game can take place almost anywhere.

Treasure Hunt can be organized in outdoor or indoor location, in the city or at the countryside or, even at the open sea. The options are truly endless! The constants of the Treasure Hunt format? A path with a series of mandatory stops, to be followed with the help of a map or an iPad; a series of creative, often photographic tasks; the obligation to perform these tasks in a group, collaborating with friends or colleagues with whom you are in the same team.

The plot, which is narrated at the beginning and which will have to be completed through the solution of riddles and the possible contact with professional actors, is linked to legends actually attested in the place. What is told in the history books and legends of the place, however, is enriched to create a real mystery story, which participants will have to discover.

The beauty of this format lies in the possibility of always discovering new things about the city while having fun. The Treasure Hunt Team Building sets in motion a series of mechanisms of teamwork and cooperation that makes the members of the team help each other to solve the mysteries and puzzles proposed.

Some of the activities, for example, may be to find some hidden keys in secret places of the Old City, and use them to open mysterious doors that can lead to the resolution of the enigma, or connect the clues found in various corners of the city to get to the treasure before the rival teams.

Treasure Hunt in Dubai: exploring the city

Are you ready for an adventure in the city? With Treasure Hunt, or even with the Urban Game iPad in Dubai, we will visit such special places like Dubai Marina, Palm Islandsor Burj Khalifa.

Participants, divided into teams, will receive the necessary instructions and leaver for their adventure. They will visit the main points of interest in the city while solving riddles and puzzles, looking for clues and making photographic activities. Remember: the fastest and the most creative team wins!

Teams will have even more fun if using an iPad. With this technologic tool, their tour becomes even more captivating and interactive. They will take photos and short videos, challenge other teams in quizzes and questions, send pranks and much more.

Dubai isn’t the only destination of our Urban Game iPad. We’ve also had the opportunity to discover many other locations, such as Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Istanbul, Prague, and others as well.

team building & incentive in dubai: urban game

The main variations of Treasure Hunting

The most common variant is undoubtedly the urban game treasure hunt. It’s a great way for guests to relax after a conference or on a business trip. In this case, the purpose is not to find clues in order to solve a mystery, but rather to answer questions about the place where the team is, discover news and curiosities about the various points of interest, culture and traditions of people living there. 

It can also be an original idea for a stag or hen party. Plan a special event for your friends or colleagues and take them to a new city to be discovered by playing all together! It will surely be an indelible memory and a wonderful experience to do before the big step!

Actors in disguise and augmented reality!

Just as with the team building Dinner with Murder, the Treasure Hunt can feature actors in disguise. Our collaborators will impersonate the protagonists of the narrative: ghosts, witches, knights and princesses will populate the spaces of the location. Participants will therefore face interaction challenges, trying to convince each character to reveal its most hidden secret. Not only will they have to be skilled strategists, but they will have to be smart and clever.

In addition, our Treasure Hunt team buildings can involve the use of the latest technology. We create introductory videos and customized soundtracks according to the settings, and we can even exploit the effects of so-called augmented reality, that is, add virtual elements to the reality that surrounds the participants!

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This game offers the opportunity to visit the most fascinating and attractive places in a city. Participants will learn new facts about history and art through fun and exciting activities. What are the main ingredients of this format? Fun, relationship, exploration and discovery are the elements that will not be missing.

Our format combines three components: Urban Orienteering, Problem Solving and Live Action Game, which combine for an exciting role-playing game. The result? The pleasure of visiting the city and the fun of playing as a team!

treasure hunt


In our experience we have visited over 50 cities all over the world. One of them being Dubai!

The most successful treasure hunts here in Dubai we’ve done discovering and experiencing together The Old City of Dubai, Deira Creek and Dubai Marina.

With our game we have already conquered the most beautiful Italian cities of art including Rome, Venice, Verona, Florence, Turin and Lucca, as well as our Milan of course.

We also often and gladly travel abroad: we have added Prague, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul and Malta to the list of foreign cities. 

The secret is the location

Our proposals are based on a careful selection of the most interesting places in the UAE territory. Each place is different because the people who inhabit it are unique, with their own traditions and customs.

To this, we add mystery and intrigue to get a mix of history and adventure without comparison. Explore the most hidden ways, unearth the peculiarities of places that the whole world envies us with outdoor activities inspired by the sea and the desert.

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