Quad Orienteering

For a Desert Adventure team building around Dubai, we propose also the newest outdoor activity: Quad Orienteering. Just like for the traditional Orienteering, this team building will bring many benefits to the team. But in this case, there are also strong emotions that only sport driving can give. It’s a new proposal to boost team spirit and work intensively on the concept of team work.



Team Building Quad Orienteering: how is it done?

Basic principles are the same of the traditional orienteering activity. Once the participants have been divided in a team, each team leader will be given a compass and a card to stamp. The members of the team will assign internal roles. Eventually, they can decide to alternate at the steering control, so that everybody will try to drive a quad.

The starts will be staggered. Participants will have to reach the control points, marked on the map, in strict sequential order. In each point, to prove the transition, a member of the team will get off the quad to stamp the card. At the finish line, we will detect the time and retire the card. If all the stamps will appear to be regular, we will proclaim winner the team that has employed less time to cover the itinerary.


Quad Orienteering: who, when, where?

Quad Orienteering team building activity is recommended for all those companies who want to work intensively on group identity, on theĀ division of roles and on reaching common goals. Moreover, this activity is very stimulating and will arouse enthusiasms in the youngest and active participants.