Choco Making Team Building in UAE

Are you a gluttonous person? Do you like sweets and do you like chocolate? Or maybe you like to eat but are not good at cooking? Here is the perfect format for you!

Choco Making Team Building in Dubai is a delicious culinary adventure that will touch all your senses. If you love eating chocolate, but also if you’re curious to discover how the most delicious sweets are produced, this culinary team building is perfect for you!

Here is your very own chocolate factory

Everyone loves chocolate… but have you ever tried making it? Well, you’ve just won the golden ticket! Our very own Willy Wonka will show you how to create chocolate delights before you try your hand at making your own handmade treats.

With this Team Building format, you can create your own succulent chocolates filled with various flavours or delicious ingredients: you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We will provide you with hats and chef’s aprons, so that you look and feel the part, and we will also include explanations and specialist equipment for real chocolate making.

Participants of Choco Making Team Building will, therefore, learn how to make chocolate pralines with their own hands. With the help of a Mâitre Chocolatier, they will create chocolates of the most various shapes and decorations, from the easiest chocolates to tasty fillings.

Choco Making Team Building in UAE: goals

Choco Making Team building is one of our most popular culinary team building experiences: a deliciously fun corporate experience filled with tastings and mouth-watering chocolate. This corporate event focuses on creating a creative team spirit, at the end of which everyone leaves with not only their own chocolate creations, but also new experiences and friendships within the team of colleagues! The bonds created through this activity will be hard to forget, even once back at the office!

At the end of the day, the creations can be afterward wrapped up and brought back home to become a pleasant memory of the experience.


Do you know which are the origins of chocolate?

Which countries is it produced in, and why is Belgium so famous for its chocolate pralines? You will discover these and many other fun facts during our Choco Making Team Building in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all around UAE!

What are you waiting for?