Theatre Training in Dubai

The theatre is a magical place where everyone can be anyone and everything he/she wants. Let’s try it with our team of colleagues in the team building Theatre Training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!



Theatre Training activities have become very popular in corporate events due to their simplicity and to their infinite possibilities of expression. Such activities assist in resurfacing imaginary characters and situations that can help in solving hidden tensions between team members. Theatre Training in Dubai utilizes methods derived from theatre techniques that assist in expressing and understanding emotions. Guided / semi-scripted improvisation, cabaret sketches, acting out a scene and performing a real mini show are a few examples of the fun activities that engage the team members and promote stronger team ties.


Why does Team Theatre work?

Team Building TheatreTheatre Training activities are particularly engaging from a personal point of view. This activity works on the sensitive, physical, and mental levels of the group, establishing a unique interaction between team members. Participants observe each other acting out situations and circumstances which reveal the team members’ personality aspects that are usually concealed in work environments.

Theatrical fiction evolves and unveils strong emotions in little time. Such an experimental masquerade can eventually uncover the true identities of team members.

Given the flexibility and the immense potential of Theatre Training, this format can be integrated into many other team building activities. The length of the activity may vary depending on the client’s needs. Some examples are:

  • An “ice-breaker” at the beginning of a team building activity;
  • An “energizer” between speeches in a meeting or at a convention;
  • A fully fledged team building activity.