Team Building Body Percussion

Team Building Body Percussion is a musical teambuilding activity that proposes the use of music, rhythm and the body as a means of bringing people together. It is a new and exciting way to do team building and improve leadership!

A new practice is making its way into the world of corporate training: Team Building Body Percussion. This format allows us to practise many key skills using only our bodies, our creativity and our love of music and rhythm. Let’s forget about expensive equipment and state-of-the-art technology, exotic locations and complex preparations! Instead, let’s think about stamping our feet on the floor, tapping our thighs with our hands, clapping or snapping our fingers. All we need are our arms, our legs and a little creativity.

Participants will practice the basic musical elements, such as beat, rhythm or metre. They can do this in any location, be it a meeting and conference room or the basement of a club.

An experienced musician will guide them along the way, showing every detail of this practice and keeping a watchful eye on each of his students.

Learning and training… with fun

Because of its enormous accessibility (everyone has ‘their own instrument’) and the direct experience the practitioner has of the main musical elements, Body Percussion has recently become an efficient educational tool. In fact, it allows one to exercise attention, memorisation and concentration. It also encourages a joyful and cooperative attitude. We invite participants to take turns taking on the role of conductor in order to test their sense of adaptability, their ability to learn new skills quickly and effectively, and their sense of belonging to one team. There is no need to mention the incentive effect: the conductor observes the different aptitudes of the members and organises the group in the way he deems most appropriate. All this while being in ever-changing contexts and situations. A fun way to practise leadership!

With groups of hundreds of people we can create a setting with a twofold advantage. First, we strongly encourage aggregation by building an extraordinary musical context, in which the participant truly has the feeling of being part of a single organism. Secondly, we create an evocative experience, rich in musical nuances and emotional flows, where there is no limit for motivational moments.

Team Building Body Percussion: simple and effective!

Dynamic and stimulating, the practice immediately gives a strong sense of togetherness in which everyone is fully aware of their group identity. Participants know that they can maintain coordination while retaining their role and responsibility, especially when acting as leaders, in an experience that releases enormous emotional energy held together by strong cohesion and fun. Moreover, there is no need for high costs for the body percussion set-up. The means required are few, and the format is a very effective training tool. But perhaps what makes body percussion so powerful is the music itself. There is nothing more natural and direct than music, seen as an integral part of man’s nature in his everyday life. Above all, the participants have a human experience: an ideal educational tool!

Body Percussion Team Building

Attraverso il divertimento e la semplicità dello sviluppo musicale, del pensiero creativo e delle abilità ritmiche, il team building ha trovato un nuovo modo di esprimersi fuori dall’ambiente di lavoro. Questo per dare ai partecipanti l’opportunità di godere del momento formativo nel modo più diretto e naturale possibile.

Experience this team building now!