Engineering Team Building in Dubai: pasta skyscrapers

Engineering Team Building in Dubai is a format simple, but at the same time very effective. Construction games are very useful for kids, who must develop abilities of planning and creativity. But how often adults need to practice the same capacities! It’s a downsizing of the same challenges that we face every day in our job.



Constructions as a metaphor of the company

Team Building Engineering is born from the necessity to develop a key ability in a corporate context: facing constantly new problems and challenges! Developing a strategy against unforeseen problems can determine the success or the failure of a company, and it’s extremely important to have a team well trained in this direction. Thus, here is the basic idea of this format: to play, design and realize a little engineering project with limited time and materials. A hard task requiring great doses of creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and sharing of the company’s values.

Which materials will we use? Our favorite is… pasta: with its many shapes and dimensions, you can use it in any way you like. And being Dubai the city of skyscrapers, in Engineering Team Building in Dubai we will challenge the team to build one with their own hands. The winner will be the tallest building… or the most original one!

But it isn’t always about building houses. With EngineeringTeam Building we can embody our company’s values in concrete objects. Do we want to focus on leadership and team integration? On the company’s vision and philosophy? Or do you privilege creativity as a key element for the success of our team? Whatever your priorities are, we can meet your needs projecting our Engineering Team Building according to your specific requests!