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Experiential Training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Team Building Training in Dubai: in these activities, we work on the team dynamics in a more indirect and playful way, instead, we do it with awareness and with specific exercises. Mental and physical interaction facilitates the creation of new and deeper relationships between people who are used to see each other just as coworkers.

In UAE corporate world there is a great need for integration and interculturality. It is estimated that 90% of UAE population are expats. Given this characteristic, it is clear that corporations need activities that will lead their teams’ members to improve mutual comprehension, communication, and sharing of values.

These are the great classics of team building. In the training activities the group, led by a professional trainer, finds itself in conditions that are very distant from the everyday life of the office and must face exercises addressed to developing some precise capacities. We can work on confidence, communication, mutual help, leadership… all qualities and characteristics that can turn a simple group of colleagues into a tight-knit team!

Diversity & Inclusion

In the last decade, more and more companies started considering in their internal policies such concepts as Diversity and Inclusion. In international contests, such as usually here in UAE, the care for these topics is often extremely important for the well-being of the employees. According to the latest studies, 40% of multinational companies deal with D&I Analytics. Why do they do it? 95% say: to improve climate and well-being in the office.

Diversity, many Diversities

Gender and disability are frequently considered in the corporations. But there are also other factors of diversity, such as age, religion, culture… All of them contribute to creating the climate inside which people in the company work and interact.

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Diversity and Inclusion: What to do?

Talking about Diversity and Inclusion is important, but what is more important even? Doing something about it! Corporate policies must take concrete steps to improve employees’ perception of company’s attitude towards these topics. And what could be better than a Training Team Building to make Diversity and Inclusion policies real?

Assessment: what is it?

In psychology, the term Assessment is used to define a global evaluation of a person, his resources and hit limits. During the assessment process, with the help of an expert trainer, every participant can discover something more on himself and go beyond his / her limits. It will be good for team work, because someone who knows himself better can start learning to use his abilities to help the team. From the assessment we can start aligning the team as a whole, making clear company’s Vision and Mission and learning to direct the qualities of individuals in the group work.

And when the companys’ Vision is clear and so is your contribution to reach the fixed mission, no task seems too hard. Stress fades away and the team member feels more self-assured, because now he knows his capacities and how to apply them to the job. Of course, assessment can’t cancel objective conditions of stress, such as an urgent delivery or an unexpected problem. But it can help people to not feel like stress what is instead a normal office life.

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Benefits of Team Training

The benefits of Training Team Building appear immediately and also last in for a long duration. The exercises that are part of our Training make participants reflect on their role in the company and on the capacities they employ or they can employ. An important moment for reflection is mainly that of the starting briefing and final debriefing when the group confronts itself with the trainer that observes and leads it. We can see the critical points of tension come to surface and prepare strategies to solve them.

What’s the problem that most often troubles the employees in their everyday work? We asked many people, and all of them answered: stress. It isn’t an easy problem to solve, and it must be faced and eliminated to improve the group’s performance. In fact, while a low level of stress can push an employee to work better and reach higher results, a superior level of stress can on the contrary block the work, creating an unbearable psychological situation. To prevent this escalation of stress and psychological suffering, Training Team Building activities stimulate trust, team alignment, and individual assessment.

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