Social Team Building in Dubai

Train the team by doing charity

Team Building activities are good for the company, managers and employees. But why don’t try to do something more? Why don’t think to do something good for others – for nature, for the environment or for the people in need? Social Team Building is a category that helps to make useful our interventions, bringing together all those social initiatives that are aimed at raising awareness of the participants in the activity regarding the most important issues of our present: social issues and ecology. All this, of course, not missing fun and team spirit!

Lately, companies have become more and more interested in the social and ecological aspects of their activities, so that the Social Team Building has a greater success than a few years ago. Of course, these activities must be prepared with more care than the other formats, paying attention to every detail and type of factor, even legal. But we are convinced that it is worth it: the experience of doing good to others is one of the best thing that a human being can experience!

Team Building Social: a look at the ecology

As we said before, the Social Team Building includes also activities dedicated to raise awareness on ecological issues. Anyway, doing an ecological team building does not mean doing something different from a traditional team building, just doing it keeping in mind the impact that the activity can have on nature and on the surrounding environment.

Which kind of activities are better for Ecological Team Building? Obviously, those in which recycled and/or recyclable materials are used! In particular, we are careful to use recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes, pieces of wood and other similar materials in our activities such as Carton Boat, Crazy Car Race and constructions of Machines and Mechanisms. Cardboard and wood find a new life thanks to the creativity of our participants. With the first, despite what you might believe, you can create boats that are truly capable of floating and transporting people. With wood scarps, instead, we create funny toy cars that, once properly decorated, can face a competition on the track. They are moved by the push of the arms, so that emissions are also minimized. In short, a truly green event!

In all these ecological formats it is important not only to use recovered materials, but also to dispose properly everything once the activity is finished, cleaning up the space used and eliminating waste according to the rules. Our effort is to respect not only the environment, but also the legislation, for an Ecological Team Building experience that is truly effective.


Our big dream?

That all Team Building events can become ecological! Every Team Building activity of our offer can be done with an eye to the impact on the environment. Properly dispose of the used material, avoid wasting food, make separate collection – all of this helps the environment and makes us feel better.

We firmly believe that a great team is necessarily great also in the love of nature. Being united in thoughtfulness is a good step forward to feel united in work too!

Social Team Building: helping those who are in need

Another alternative version of social team building is aimed at creating something useful or making people in need live a good experience. Our social construction and social cooking activities go in this direction.
Who needs social construction? Lots of places! For example? A school, a kindergarten, a hospital, a gym… all those places where people, especially children, are located, who we can help by creating something long-lasting and useful! For example, we have built a climbing wall that can be used free of charge by children who come from difficult situations. Or, we have created a vertical vegetable garden for a kindergarten, so that children can watch aromatic herbs and vegetables grow… and they can use them for lunch!
Social Cooking is instead an activity that can take place in two different ways: we can choose to cook and offer our meal to someone (this idea is perfect for a Christmas Team Building!) or cook together with these people. We have tried both options, and the result is always wonderful: a great harmony, a sense of doing good and involving in our business those who need a little help or even just love and participation!

Make the difference

The first time we were asked to do a Social Team Building the primary thought was “it is impossible” but then something snapped inside us. Like a little voice that said “if you don’t do it, nobody will do it!”. We, therefore, realized that this kind of activity represents the origin of everything. Teamworking’s foundation reason is precisely to bring a smile to the world, especially to those who need it most.

On the other hand, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the commitment!

Social Team Building events are certainly the most unforgettable activities we do. They require a lot of effort but also give a lot of satisfaction. Bringing joy and utility together is a source of enormous pride for us!

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Take a look at our favorite videos!

Paper Recycling

Birdhouse Building

Social Constructions

Discover all our social and ecological Team Building Activities

A new social and eco.sustainable activity: Team Building Birdhouse Building. With recycled and/or rough-and-ready materials, the participating teams will get to work to give concrete help to migratory birds. It will be a creative, concrete and ecological activity, but also and above all a team exercise that will facilitate communication and improve the atmosphere in the team.

Build a vertical garden for kindergarten children. If recycled materials are also used to build the shelves and to make the jars, this activity becomes the most complete realization of the Social and Ecological Team Building. Thanks to us, the children will be able to see up close the seeds growing and they will be able to participate in taking care of them and have a healthy addition to the meals in their canteen. It’s a win-win!


With this activity, we offer a meal to those who need it, or we cook all together with people who have little companionship and will gladly be with us: the elderly or people with disabilities. Good for all seasons, Social Cooking is a perfect activity especially for the Christmas period, when we are all on our best behavior and we feel the desire to help others. How about, for example, preparing chocolate for charity?

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