Pasta Cooking Team Building in Dubai

Pasta Cooking Team Building in Dubai: given our Italian origins, of course, we couldn’t overlook this activity among our culinary formats! Although some theories say that Marco Polo imported pasta to Italy from China, there cannot be a doubt that today, pasta is an original dish and product of Italy.

A typical italian dish: pasta

The first typical dish that comes to mind when someone asks you which food is the best representative of the Italian peninsula is unmistakably pasta.

Preparing fresh pasta is an activity that could be enclosed in the words “Italian tradition”. Cooking it together with your team could be summed up in the words Pasta Cooking Team Building. In fact, making pasta together with your team is an activity out of the ordinary, a unique moment to share with your mates, your boss or your new colleagues. A small “escape” from the office that will allow the company to live a day as a cook.

This 100% Italian culinary format will guide the team to discover the methods of the typical preparation of a dish that everyone loves to eat: pasta. Pasta Cooking will let participants discover all the secrets of homemade pasta.

Pasta Cooking in Dubai

For a morning or an afternoon, the kitchen turns into a pasta factory. Participants, divided into groups, learn how to prepare the most popular types of pasta.

Spaghetti, ravioli, tortellini, spaghetti, tagliatelle, gnocchi and even a rare and ancient kind like spaghetti alla chitarra… in Italy there are more than a hundred kinds of pasta, and we are resolute to try all of them!


Pasta Cooking Team Building in Dubai is, first of all, a way to discover a small part of the Italian culinary tradition. At the same time, the teams will enjoy a pleasant and familiar setting and in the company of coworkers.

Because making fresh pasta is not only about cooking, it’s a team activity. In Italy, when all the big family comes together for a holiday, it is still a tradition to do fresh handmade pasta all together. All the women of the family gather in the kitchen making different kinds of pasta while chatting.

Why not try the same experience with your colleagues?

People will:

  • get to know each other from a completely new point of view,
  • divide tasks,
  • learn how to manage time and resources,
  • work in a team,
  • and simply relax.

At the end of the day, the result can be finally tasted by all participants. This Team Building Activity will be carried out together, helping each other in the preparation, which will end at the table in a good company. Participants can season pasta to taste. For example with oil, sauces, tomato or basil. In this way everyone can choose their favorite dish.

Not only pasta… also Pizza!

Pizza Making Team Building in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a fun activity for people coming from different countries. Participants, no matter from which part of the globe they come from, will observe the preparation of true Neapolitan pizza. Then, after a short briefing, they will prepare it themselves under the guidance of a master pizzaiolo.

In fact, as well as pasta, pizza is another one of the most well-known and beloved Italian dishes in the world. Originating in Naples, italians can prepare pizza in many ways and different versions, but everywhere it keeps the inimitable flavor that distinguishes it and makes Italians proud.

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