Outdoor Training in Dubai

Living outdoor spaces with your team!


Outdoor Training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: a highly intense and concentrated emotional physical activity that aims at team building. Over the past years, Outdoor Team Building activities proved to be effective for groups of every nationality, age, gender, and profession. Such activities encompass intense rhythms, a lot of diverse activities, great interaction among team members and loads of fun. A formula simple yet effective formula that will surprise us with its effective results in a mere few hours.

Benefits of Outdoor Training:

  • Shortening distances,
  • Strengthening relations,
  • Energizing,
  • Fun times together.

Outdoor Training: cognitive and relational activities

An outdoor team building activity helps coworkers to know each other in unusual, original and dynamic ways. Outdoor Training in Dubai comprehends activities that will allow building bonds between participants through common physical activities, stimulating collaboration, self-confidence, and trust. Outdoor activities are all about teamwork and no one is left behind. Everybody will participate in the teamwork in order to reach the common target and to win against rival teams!

Problem Solving activities

Various activities fall under Outdoor Training. In each activity, the teams must reach a goal or find the solution to a  problem whilst abiding by some precise rules. They will make it through obstacles, engage in challenges among themselves and with others…basically run a race against time while using their creativity and the infinite untapped resources that their team possesses!

The problem-solving activities start with a briefing of a situation that presents:

  • A goal to reach or a problem to solve
  • with limited resources
  • and a strict deadline.

This is important in order to simulate and observe in a neutral context the personal, relational and decisional dynamics of the team members.

At the end of the day, there is a debriefing which is essential to clarify and explain what happened during the activity. During the activity, the trainers observe which attitude proved itself convenient to the team and which was disadvantageous. By reflecting on the behavioral science behind team dynamics we improve communication, elicit behavioral changes and increase the dedication to the company.

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