Orienteering Team Building in the Desert

Orienteering Team Building in the Desert is a challenge for the most fearless teams. In its origin, orienteering is a run in wild terrain born in Scandinavia. It’s a challenge limited by time, where the rival teams, with the help of a topographical map and eventually of a compass, must reach the finish line in less possible time. They have also to pass a series of control points, marked by flags, that the teams must reach in a specific order. The difficulty of Orienteering is to find independently the best path to follow.

We decided to move the orienteering trial in the desert to make it even more challenging. Traveling in the dunes, the team’s members will have to take decisions all together to find the best path to follow. No one can be left behind: even more than in a park or a wood, in the desert, it is impossible to resist in solitude.

In Orienteering Team Building in the Desert, the Team components will find themselves outside of their comfort zone, taking decisions and looking for the right reference points in an unknown environment. We can here observe behaviors of technical leadership VS charismatic leadership, and watch how the decisions are made and which are their premises. Orienteering Team Building is an instrument that brings the participants in a pleasant natural context where they can experience relationships, decisional processes, and capacity of finding references in quickly changing environments.

Orienteering Team Building in the Desert: goals?

desert survival: team building & incentive in uae

desert survival: team building & incentive in uae

The goal that we associate with this activity is to find some points scattered in the territory. This can be done with the use of some instruments (maps and compasses) and with the help of teammates. This proposal is addressed to groups who want to live a day in contact with nature while improving their teamwork. The activity can have different duration, from a couple of hours to a whole day.

Purposes of Orienteering:

  • exploration,
  • knowledge,
  • relationship,
  • integration,
  • fun.