Action Painting Team Building in Dubai: painting the values

One of the hardest problems faced by companies all around the world is that of sharing corporate values and principles with employees. Team’s members must know their leader and his philosophy to follow him in his decisions, especially in the most difficult moments. This is especially difficult in international teams, where many languages are spoken and backgrounds are different. We decided to give our personal solution to this problem, a format based on creativity and imagination: Action Painting Team Building in Dubai.



Action Painting Team Building in Dubai: motivating the team

With Action Painting team building format we lead the team’s member to discover corporate values and culture, promoting key elements for effective work. But we don’t do it with words and speeches, but instead with visual representations.

Action Painting Team BuildingCreativity and imagination find a lot of space to be expressed, among other important aspects:

  • teamwork,
  • communication,
  • trust,
  • group motivation,
  • team integration.

This team building & incentive activity brings a lot of advantages to the corporate event. The format is quick and effective, all the materials (canvas, colors etc.) being provided by us. Moreover, there are no limits for the possible locations: we can organize this kind of events at your headquarters or in an external location, as long as there is a spacious room. Don’t forget that we can realize this format in many varieties, like mosaicdecoupage or even body painting, to give space to individual expression and personal taste.