Digital Team Building

Our proposal for teams working remotely

Even in these difficult times of needing to reorganise or reinvent ourselves, we try to be there for you by doing what we do best: organising Team Building events.  But now, events can also be done online! In the past few years, we have faced an unprecedented period of crisis and have been forced to change our daily routines in order to work under totally different conditions. Companies have had to make a digital and mental transformation that under normal conditions would have taken months, if not years. We have become familiar with technology, so if we are not in a position to organise a live, open-air Team Building event, the solution is to organise them virtually.

Remote Team Building: what are they?

Remote team building is like the usual team building, except that the participants are each in their own home and do not share the space around them. In a virtual team building, each team member participates while sitting at his or her desk, in front of his or her computer.

Therefore, in order to interact with the rest of the group, they need to use the latest forms of technology available such as, for example, videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams or Hangouts.

Many traditional team building formats can be adapted to foster remote teamwork. We have come up with dozens of possibilities and called them Stream Building. We have developed formats that allow team members to do team building despite distance by sharing experiences via the web.

Obviously, there are some differences compared to doing a live team building activity, but we put all our passion into addressing and driving change through these digital teambuilding proposals.

What is important to us is to continue the training, the education, whether live or through a screen. Of course, we much prefer to go out in open spaces and do experiential training live, but it is right to rethink strategies and, at a time like this, we have worked hard to create a way of being together anyway.

Digital team building: Thinking outside the box

How to do remote team building? The answer is simple: involvement is the key.

Team building is crucial for both regular and remote teams. One must remember that team building is a crucial part of any successful business. There are many ways to weave team building activities into daily events and programmes. These activities will help you implement icebreakers, build team relationships quickly, reorganise your team, start a new project and many more.

Stream building is the perfect solution! These fun activities and formats are easy to assemble, so they can be done within the working day. They can be easily integrated into any online meeting.

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What are Digital Team Building?

Escape Room

By popular demand for all Escape Room lovers, we have re-engineered the format in ONLINE mode! Puzzles, riddles, Time challenges, Decisions to be made… these are the ingredients of our TeamBuilding Escape Room!

In digital format, the team will find themselves in a virtual room where the challenge will be launched and through a series of riddles to be solved together with their colleagues you will have to use the time available by deciding how to proceed. The possible use of clues will result in a shortening of time, but may avoid stalemates. All the excitement of a real Escape Room but in complete safety and with no limits on participants.

Possiamo erogare l’attività per un numero altissimo di partecipanti.

Through Escape Room Online you work on problem solving, strategy, communication, decision making. The work of solving various online puzzles also requires a great deal of concentration and collaboration and the ability to think outside the box.

Lip Dub

Lip Dub Team Building is one of our favourite activities to do with music! The goal is to create a wonderful music video clip. This activity can leave an indelible memory in the memory of the participants who will have to ‘dub’ a famous song by creating their own video while dancing and acting. To liven up the event and make the show even more attractive, team members can also create their own costumes or put on eccentric make-up.

This musical team building, even digitally, is able to bring out everyone’s creativity, a side that usually remains hidden. In addition, it brings a lot of fun and thus helps socialise team members. The experience will be unforgettable!

The video produced by the various teams can also be reviewed and used in the company as a means of communication or simply as a memento of the hours spent together.

Escape The City


As in a real outdoor Treasure Hunt, exploring the most interesting sights, historical monuments and beautiful perspectives has never been so curious. Even if they seem like ordinary tourist spots, the chance to participate in a Treasure Hunt will change your perspective. Even online, behind a screen, you can visit cities of the world. No guided tours and sightseeing, but in an interactive and exciting form.

In our case, we chose two wonderful and curious cities as destinations: Venice and London. Each team will receive a map and a series of enigmatic clues that will reveal the route to be taken.

These clues will have different aspects, sometimes they will be difficult to find, especially with a virtual map, other times they will be particularly complicated to interpret.

World Tour 80′

This Virtual World Tour is designed for Travel Addicted!

The team will face different virtual challenges regarding Countries, Curiosities, History, Places, Cafes, and other curiosities related to many countries around the world. There will also be codes, enigmas, brain teasers and riddles.

They will virtually visit some of the world’s most famous places looking for specific hints and discovering curiosities from countries all over the world.

We have the chance to add custom quizzes and little gamification to add spices to the experience and it is also possible to customize timing, number of challenges, penalties.

They will have the chance to ask for help but it will cost precious minutes. Also incorrect answers will decrease minutes from the timer. In case the team is stuck on a specific stage they can also ask for the solution losing many minutes. The Team will therefore have to develop a winning strategy to claim victory

Formula 1

This Virtual Race is designed for Formula One Racing lovers.

The team will face different virtual challenges regarding Pilots, Circuits, History, and other curiosities related to Formula 1. There will also be codes, enigmas, brain teasers and riddles. They will virtually visit some of the world’s most famous circuits looking for specific hints and discovering curiosities related to the GP F1 world.

They will have the chance to ask for help but it will cost precious minutes.
Also incorrect answers will decrease minutes from the timer. In case the team is stuck on a specific stage they can also ask for the solution losing many minutes. The Team will therefore have to develop a winning strategy to claim victory.

Breakfast with murder

Just like in a classic Murder Mystery Dinner, participants are summoned to play the character in a mysterious ‘murder mystery’. This is the most classic murder mystery role-playing game invented, apparently, by Agatha Christie herself. In England, it still takes place every weekend in the hotel where she herself invented it in the late 1920s.

In a thriller-like atmosphere, events unfold at a fast pace. Divided into investigation teams, in various rooms on Zoom, the guests will have to investigate, search for clues, interrogate suspects and finally reason with each other to solve the case. There will be no shortage of twists and turns, murders, unexpected phone calls, emails, messages or images to examine.
A realistic ‘detective story’ dimension for the duration of a few hours from the comfort of your own home. A fun and exciting full immersion in ‘detective stories’.

All this, of course, not without eating and drinking something all together, albeit from a distance. An aperitif or breakfast will provide the backdrop for the mysterious adventure as mystery detectives.

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Why do Team Building online?

Every remote worker is generally focused on his or her duties and responsibilities. Being remote, these are often completed in a very individual manner and without the help of the team.

Employees working from home rarely have the opportunity to interact fully with their colleagues as if they were in a ‘normal’ office.

Unfortunately, remote working often causes companies to miss out on successful communication that would be crucial for employee satisfaction and loyalty. People miss the opportunity to bump into each other at the coffee machine and talk about non-work related things such as their hobbies, sporting events, home life or even politics.

One might think that these interactions and small talk mean nothing, but they actually have a big impact on team performance and motivation.

When team members feel closer, their morale improves, productivity and happiness increase. That is why it is important to organise activities that connect employees and make them rediscover team spirit.

Digital Team Building: what changes?

Compared to more traditional types of training, experiential training has the advantage of also working through the subconscious. It is a methodology that confronts the team with exciting and impactful experiences. In practice, through it, we try to bring concrete moments to life by combining the logical level with the emotional level.

The seemingly only playful challenges and problem-solving activities leave room for team members to manifest skills and attitudes that may be hidden in everyday tasks.

In this situation, colleagues have the opportunity to get to know each other from a new perspective and to develop less formal and effective methods of communication and collaboration.

Here are some other online team building activities we love:
Team News Online

Team News Online

One of the most innovative formats among virtual team building is the Team News. With this type of activity, the participants will have the opportunity to create a schedule of a TV programme concerning news of the moment, just like a TV news programme. Within the overall video each member of the group will have his own small dedicated space of 1-2 minutes during which he will update his companions on the chosen topic. He/she can do this in a serious manner like a real journalist or even by inventing a comic character.
Crossword Online

Crossword Online

One of the most interesting of the virtual team building formats is the Crossword Puzzle. With this activity, participants have the opportunity to participate in a different event. The puzzle competition allows companies to ‘evaluate’ their employees on their knowledge of the most important company topics. Not only that, the words in the customised crossword puzzle can also touch on various topics concerning the relationship between team members.
Corporate Song Online

Corporate Song Online

One of the most beautiful and engaging of online team building formats is the creation of a song representative of the company. By creating a customised song, it is possible to project employees towards a common outlook, focusing on what is really valuable for the company and the team and spur them on to give more and more for the good of all. Teams can record their parts of the song via video conference, which will then be mixed after the end of the event.
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