Survival Team Building in the Desert: learning to survive

Survival Team Building in the Desert is the most adventurous and smart way to observe teamwork in hard natural conditions. The surviving, or at least the comfort, of the Team, will depend on how well the individuals will manage to work together. The trainers will provide some basics, but only after observing how the team faces the solution of problems and challenges.


In the desert, where lack all the references and the resources that we are used, emerge the capacities of “de-specialization” and “improvisation”. Each member of the team is forced to exploit his/her personal characteristics to help the group to face challenges.

Team development through Survival Team Building in the Desert

It is of little use to know how to read a compass if we don’t have a map. It is of little use to be expert archers if we aren’t able to observe the territory. In Survival Team Building the capacity of reinventing and reuse resources we usually address to other goals results fundamentally. Such abilities as improvisation, compactness, and integration of the team prevail on the performances of the individual. And these variables are easy to observe in a challenging context like the desert, where emotions are particularly stressed. Thus, the survival experience becomes an important moment of learning for each participant as an individual and the team as a whole.