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Expo Games: doing Team Building in the biggest world exhibition

This Expo Games team building activity is an opportunity to explore Expo Dubai 2020, the most important Universal Exhibition, while doing team building. With this activity, in fact, participants will have the chance to visit all of the most interesting pavilions of the Exhibition, try dishes from every corner of the world while experiencing entertainment unlike any other!

Expo Games Team Building: interactivity

In Expo Games Team Building, teams will face activities in which they’ll have the opportunity to challenge each other. Various challenges, stimulating and creative games will make it a completely different and much richer experience than a guided tour. Some of the activities we’ve thought of, for example, are about recycling, robotics, diversity and inclusion and many others.

The most important element of this activity, however, will be its interactivity. In fact, participants will receive a map of the Exhibition in which to collect stickers for each activity performed. Also, the trainers will give a score for each challenge. To win, participant teams will need to collect all the stickers and get the higher score.

This Team Building will allow participants to collaborate, interact with other tourists, express their creativity and get to know each other better within the team.

expo games stickers

Connecting minds, creating the future

For six months Dubai will be the center of attention in a worldwide showcase where each country will present exemplary and innovative ideas, projects, models aimed at improving the quality of life of the next generations. The logo perfectly embodies the theme of Expo: a ring consisting of many small concentric circles that come together to form the central ring, symbol of unity of peoples and continuity between present and future.

In this edition the three sub-themes that have been identified as key drivers of global development are:

    1. Sustainability – long-lasting sources of energy and water
    2. Mobility – smart systems of logistics and transportation
    3. Opportunity – new paths to economic development

The focus will be on exploring their interdependencies and recognizing potential partnerships, ultimately resulting in a legacy of modernization.

Are you ready to visit Expo while doing Team Building?
What can you do at the EXPO2020?
  • Collect 190+ stamps on your EXPO Passport & fly into a nw dimension across the world
  • Explore the site, using the available ‘Careem‘ bicycles
  • Relax your toes into the mesmerising water feature
  • The taste of the world awaits you – Dine at over 190+ F&B outlets
  • Count your steps via the Steppi App & collect discount vouchers

Participants will be divided into teams of 10/12 people and then, accompanied by our trainers, will face bizarre and unexpected tests.

In guiding them between one pavilion and another, the trainers will stimulate the teams to challenge each other in real competitions of creativity, but also full of interaction and unpredictable elements. They will be guided to specific points of EXPO to the realization of tests that will involve visitors or participants themselves.

Looking for clues, asking for external help for some tests and recreating actions, objects or scenarios through the imagination and cohesion between the guests, will constitute a path to points that will lead to decree the winning team but above all to stimulate the imagination and fun of the participants.

Creating a platform that helps connect minds to create a brighter future in the city that brings together people from all walks of life.

Discover our idea

TeamWorking has customized some of its formats for this event: Treasure Hunt and Urban Game iPad. Also, some of our ideas are to create a teambuilding activity about ecology and sustainability, in relation to the Expo theme. Today, in fact, World Expos remain a key meeting point for the global community to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population.

With this format, we plan to use this opportunity to improve companies’ team spirit while exploring Dubai’s Expo. Team Building exercises tend to build trust between coworkers, which helps raise employee morale and increases efficiency. An extraordinary format like Treasure Hunt can help in facilitate more communication between workers, as well as establishing better delegation of responsibility. When participants clearly understand their role and that of everyone else, they can more easily do their jobs.


We decided to offer companies new creative and eco-sustainable team building activities. They may include the collection and recycling of plastic material for its transformation into new objects. Through this laboratory, participants will be able to recycle plastic in a doubly useful way. They’ll not only create objects that can be donated to charity, but also something useful for the decoration of the company spaces.


All these funny but educational activities will help first nature and environment, but also ourselves. They will help us to be aware of our impact on the world. The future of Earth hangs in balance and there’s no planet B. Will you be an agent of change? Will you help speed up the pace of protection and conservation of the only world we have?

We are excited about Dubai Expo and we can’t wait for you to join us!

TeamWorking has for years chosen Dubai as the main destination for the organization of Team Building and Incentive programs as well as various creative, fun and educational formats. Our programs are designed specifically for leadership training, communication skills or as a reward or incentive for employees.

We offer a wide range of activities to help your team improve on specific areas with a tailor-made program. Especially on this occasion, therefore, we think it’s important to take advantage of the probable postponement of the Expo to create something even more extraordinary. 

Expo Dubai: live, online or hybrid Team Buildings 

During this global event, we would like to focus on the diversity that leads to developing new technologies, the opportunity for ideas to flourish, and the opportunity to create for your team the best experience ever.

In order to create team building activities and share experiences, we can develop different formats for you, always keeping in mind your priorities, your business objective and various needs.


Live team building

Of course, these activities would be held directly in the EXPO pavillions. For activities that include technology, we also have the possibility to provide your team with our iPads, already programmed and ready to use.


Online team building

We have created an online format of our activities for your team to give them the chance to connect from all around the world. This is the most convenient option for those who would not be able to participate in person.

With our online activities, your team can easily be connected together and can participate on their own devices, even remotely.


Hybrid team building

We are also developing our hybrid team building activities to better meet the specific need of your team. We’ve set it up and prepared our team building activities for your team to experience this EXPO 2020 in Dubai together.

In other words, we’ll keep you right to the beat of the Expo, find your team at the epicenter of the main plaza for a perfect stepping stone to 192 country pavilions and up to 60 shows a day.


Let us know which of our activities would best suit your team as a team building activity here at Expo2020.

Here are some ideas for you to take a look at: Movie Making, Recycling, Robotic experience, Team Cooking, Online virtual games, Scavenger Hunt.

We are sure it will be a lot of fun and with a lot of new amazing experiences for everyone. But most importantly, we have the opportunity to discover our horizons and what we can accomplish together as a team.


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Expo Games Team Building: past activities


Already in 2015, on the occasion of Expo “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” held in Milan, we organized an Expo Game within the international exhibition. During this Team Building, participants had to go around and visit pavilions while taking photos and videos. It was an opportunity not only to explore the exhibition but also to learn to count on teammates to win the game.

This activity, repeated during Dubai Expo, will make our customers live an extraordinary experience! The peculiarity here also lies in the fact that every team is able to continue the activity only through the interaction with other tourists from all over the world, asking them to say something or to take videos and photos with them. This will make each participant learn how to be more comfortable and confident. It will ensure that anyone manages to get out of their comfort zone.

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