Icebreaker Activities

What is an Icebreaker?

As says the name, an “icebreaker” is something that is used to break the ice. The name, indeed, comes from the ships which are used to break the ice in arctic regions. Just in the same way in which those ships facilitate the passage of other ships, an icebreaker activity works to open the way to experiential learning by allowing participants to confront each other in a more relaxed and engaging environment.

An icebreaker is an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome attendees and warm up the conversation among participants in a meeting, training class, team building session, or another event. Also, an icebreaker is an exercise intended to help members of a group begin the process of forming themselves into a team. That’s why it is commonly presented as a game to “warm up” the group by helping the members to get to know each other.

Why is it important to do Icebreaking activities before the event?

First of all, it is necessary to talk about the importance of the Icebreaking activities. These activities are useful not only because they are a way to motivate, energize the participants and make them interact with each other, but also because they help people getting acquainted to important themes such as integration, teamwork, communication, listening and team challenge.

Of course, something that we cannot forget to mention is that some of the Icebreaking goals are also celebration and having fun, together with knowing the people that we live and work with.



The Skyscraper Icebreaker is basically a building challenge. It requires each Team to build the highest construction using only the materials we will provide, which can be different and rarely completely fit for the goal. But that’s exactly the challenge! A short time will be given for designing and building, and then the Teamworking staff will measure the highest construction built. According to the client’s decision, there can be a winning team or not.

This activity will engage the participants of each table to do teamwork among them. If requested, we can look into the option of giving different materials per area of the chosen location so the participants can go to other tables to negotiate and exchange the materials for their constructions.

This icebreaker involves leadership, teamwork, communication, collaboration, planning, strategy, implementation and, last but not least, fun!


The Body Percussion Icebreaker is a very special activity because it combines elements of many different cultures. It has ancient origins, going back to prehistoric times, when people used the sounds they created with their own bodies to communicate. Nowadays, it is more and more often considered as a tool to create and develop relationships, to improve individual and team performance and, most important thing of all, to understand communication process.

Body percussion Icebreaker: different uses

The Body Percussion activity engages and connects people. The music itself, without doubt, is a powerful instrument to create interactions and bring people together. Within an hour, the participants, guided by our Music Trainers, are able to reach synchrony and create music.

This activity is both an icebreaker and a team building event. Moreover, it can suit every kind of group, big or small dimension, and can be used at many levels, for different purposes:

  • Energizing people and creating connections between them, especially during a conference or a symposium.
  • Working on communication aspects of teamwork, as a team building training experience with educational purposes.
  • Giving fun and entertainment with incentive aims.


It is an activity in which we use music, rhythm and our body as instruments of aggregation and integration. This isn’t only a way to spend a nice time with friends and colleagues but also a great and powerful tool to boost creativity and improve individual and group communication skills. Participants will be guided by a professional coach who will teach them how to produce rhythm and follow it all together.


Yarn Spider Web Icebreaker, as says its name, involves each team in building a large web between specific tables or areas of the chosen location. Based on the implementation of the event and on the arrangement of the space of the event, the participants will have to find the designated tables to link with through a thick yarn ball. The rules are set so that the result will be a funny, colorful and interactive experience.

While creating connections with the other teams, attendants have to work on their communication and interaction skills. This activity makes visible and tangible some of the web of connection that unites the participants and it makes them bring up all the standard team problem solving issues. This Icebreaking activity is perfect as to be the last one, as afterwards it will be necessary to lose some time to cut all the wool yarns.


Crossword is a Team Building format that can be customized based on different business needs or goals. It can be a stand alone event that will last some hours of the day: make your colleagues face the facts concerning the company, reward the most loyal customers or collaborators who first manage to solve the puzzle!

Moreover, it can also be proposed as an Icebreaker at the beginning of another team building activity, or as an energizer during a break at a corporate meeting.


In addition, to make the format even more original and complicated, we can prepare for the team a truly giant crossword, for example it can be 3 meters long!


Last but not least, Chorus Challenge is an Icebreaker that involves also, but not only, vocal skills: it is much more about developing the sense of rhythm and the ability to listening to each other in order to follow a melody. While creating music together, we need collaboration.

Furthermore, sometimes words aren’t enough. Whatever a client seeks from the employees, it can be expressed in a song, using music. Music is a mean of expression that has no limits. Thanks to it, any corporate team can set free its ideas and values.


Participants will be led by a music trainer who will keep the tempo. As a result, if each team is able to follow the music flow, the outcome will be a great melody made of all the teams’ performance!