Desert Adventure in UAE

An extreme experience to strengthen Team Spirit

We all know Dubai as the city of skyscrapers, one of the most technologically advanced places in the world. But we also have to know that it rises from the desert and is surrounded by it. A team building Desert Adventure in UAE will bring your team out in the wilderness to discover the most extreme face of Dubai!

A way to explore new cultures, find new dimensions and discover territories not just like tourists. An adventure at the limit of extreme sport, Desert Adventure Team Building puts to trial resistance and nerve of the team. In all of these activities, we will face challenges linked to the difficult weather conditions, but also problem-solving games.

Which abilities will be developed and improved during a Desert Adventure team building?

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Team Work
  • Stress Management
  • Crisis Management.

Desert Adventure in UAE: activities

Traveling in the desert with our team, by car, by quad 4×4 or sometimes by feet, it’s a great mean to live a really unforgettable experience and to create a team spirit that won’t go away for a while. Mutual help and trust in each other will let us surpass the hard climate conditions.

A priceless experience that will leave breathtaking memories (and photos)!



Orienteering: this challenging team building experience encourages participants to build relations, take decisions and find references. Teams, equipped with a set of tools (like compasses and maps), have to discover some points of reference while traveling in the desert.


Survival: has it ever happened to you to face a crisis situation in the office? Well, it hardly could have been more challenging than surviving in the desert! With experienced survival trainers we will learn to manage this difficult situation.


Excursion: as a day-long adventure to add to our incentive in Dubai, we propose to bring your team into the wild for an excursion in the desert. We will be surrounded by impressive panoramas and face challenges linked to orienteering and surviving in hard weather conditions.
Quad Orienteering

Quad Orienteering

Quad Orienteering: this activity is recommended for all those companies who want to work intensively on group identity, division of roles and reaching common goals. Moreover, this activity is very stimulating and will arouse enthusiasms in the most young and active participants.