Gospel Choir Team Building in Dubai

Singing in choir is one of the most effective ways to do team building. And the Gospel Choir Team Building will enchant us all with its musicality! It’s an occasion to let appear both Leader and Team qualities..

Gospel is a musical genre born in African American christian methodist churches. It’s thus strictly linked to the experience of slavery and work in the fields. But, far away from being conditioned by this tragical condition, gospel became in the years a genre of merry and energetic religious chant. But it still remains linked to the concepts of work, team and leadership. That’s why we propose you to try Gospel Choir Team Building, a brand new music teambuilding activity!

Gospel’s structure is that of “solo VS choir”. One of the members of the choir performs a short musical phrase, and the rest of the team answers by repeating it. Thus, with voice and singing, happens the same than in another musical team building activity, Corporate Orchestra with Percussions. In this case also music lets us verify the dynamics of team work and leadership.

Are there links between music and well-being?

The question is obviously rhetorical. Of course they exist: numerous scientific studies on the subject confirm it. In fact, all we need to do to verify the beneficial effects of singing on our health is to start singing.

We are not only talking about physical health, but also psychological health. Relieving stress by singing one’s favourite song is not such an uncommon practice.

Undoubtedly, all these effects are benefits that are also activated within a group, on individuals and on the team.


But what if we were to sing in front of other people?

Most of us can face certain social conditioning, such as the fear of exposing ourselves or feeling vulnerable in front of others, thus not allowing ourselves to fully enjoy our own expressiveness, singing in freedom.

The Gospel Choir team-building activity will overcome this fear, allowing everyone to find their own space within the group, making them feel part of a larger entity and an important cog in the wheel at the same time.

Coro Gospel
Coro Gospel

Which capabilities do we put on trial with this activity?

  • Expressing ourselves, our emotions and thoughts
  • Listening to the others
  • Understanding and repeating others’ expressions
  • Following the group, singing in choir
  • Leading the group by proposing our own idea.
Try singing with your team too!