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Our Proposal for Teams working remotely

Not only do we continue with our regular live team building activities, but we have also decided to offer many new digital formats, so that even teams working remotely can participate and have fun and educational experiences together! Whether you work from home or from different offices, with our team building activities you will regain a sense of unity and collaboration!

The idea was born out of a difficult moment that we all shared and went through, but even then we did not lose heart and continued doing what we do best: organising Team Building events. Our creativity continues to be at your service.

Virtual experiential training


Compared to more traditional types of training, Experiential Training has the advantage of also working through the subconscious. It is a methodology that confronts the Team with emotionally involving and impactful experiences. In practice, through it, we try to bring concrete moments to life by combining the logical level with the emotional (analogical) one. Challenges and problem solving that are only apparently playful give team members the opportunity to manifest skills and aptitudes that in everyday business life all too often appear hidden. In this situation, colleagues have the opportunity to get to know each other from a new perspective and to develop less formal and more effective ways of communication and collaboration.

Usually, the best way to put such an experience into practice is through live activities, but we have found that even at a distance it is possible to involve and entertain participants, bringing them to share the experience and their own personalities.

What to do if the team works remotely?

We have developed a series of formats that allow team members to do team building together despite distance, sharing experiences via web platforms. Here are some examples of Virtual Team Building:

It is a new way of teamwork and solving problems together. The format will consist of a series of puzzles and riddles to be solved together with colleagues.

The team will have to follow a path consisting of a series of web pages through which to unravel in order to arrive at the final destination and succeed in escaping from the Escape Room.

This format is suitable for reconnecting team members and developing team skills such as problem solving, communication and a sense of unity. 

Team members will have to be attentive in solving the various online puzzles and will have to work together. The puzzle-solving process will also require the ability to collaborate and stay focused, as well as the use of proper strategy, speed and time management. Faced with each puzzle, the team will have to decide quickly whether to ask for help at the risk of making a mistake or to continue alone.

World Tour in 80′

This virtual world tour is especially designed for travel addicts! Each team will face virtual challenges concerning different countries of the world: there will be trivia about history, places but also codes, riddles and puzzles.

With this team building, participants will virtually visit some of the most famous places in the world in search of specific clues and through this they will be able to discover new facts about countries all over the world.

There is the possibility of adding customised quizzes to give the experience a personal touch. It is also possible to customise the timing, number of challenges or penalties. In addition, teams will be able to ask for help, but this will cost them precious minutes.

N.B. Wrong answers will also decrease the timer minutes. In case the team gets stuck in a specific phase, they will also be able to ask for the solution, in exchange for many minutes.

Crossword Team Building

This puzzle team building can be an idea for a different kind of activity. The puzzle competition allows companies to ‘evaluate’ their employees on their knowledge of company facts, values or data, or even to reward the most attentive customers at the end of a series of presentations of the company’s products or services. Ideally, for example, this activity should be done after an important meeting, so as to gain maximum attention beforehand and fun in relation to the achievement of results afterwards. After some creative and puzzling preliminary challenges, the teams are presented with a real crossword puzzle scheme that they will have to solve using all their knowledge.

Collaboration, albeit remotely, will be essential: each participant will be given a series of puzzles to solve that will lead to crossword puzzle definitions!

Participants will therefore have to use the full strength of the group, send them into the team chat to help others and receive help from them in turn. For this activity, the Teamworking team will do a big search for the most suitable words to be included in the crossword puzzle. These can be any number of words, but always in relation to the customer’s or company’s requirements. With this format, in addition to giving participants the opportunity to collaborate in solving one of the most famous puzzle games, it will allow the team to focus fully on their company, giving them the opportunity to understand or discover new things. For very large groups, more crossword puzzles can also be generated. The already compiled puzzles will be used to solve a final crossword puzzle whose solution will unite all groups into one large team.

Team News

With this Team Building format, participants will have the opportunity to create a schedule for a TV programme, such as a news broadcast. Within the overall video each member of the group will have his own small dedicated space and to fill it he will have to do a 1-2 minute report in which he will update his teammates on the chosen topic.

Like the Radio Team format, this Team Building is an excellent opportunity to try to enter a world that we are so used to seeing but which at the same time seems so far away from our everyday lives, that of the television studios. At a time when we are all at home, we certainly often turn on the TV or radio for company. This Team Building is an excellent opportunity to try to enter that world that we are used to seeing and hearing but at the same time seems so far removed from our everyday lives.

Each company News Report will be recorded and then presented to the rest of the team and the company. Therefore, it will be a video that can be watched again in the future, remaining as an element of collective memory to be used on festive occasions or as an element of inward and outward promotion. Even in this type of event, the common thread will always be a corporate one: in the news, one will hear the latest news about the company, product advertising, updates on new communication methods or resource management. Especially at a time like this, it can be an opportunity to improve various aspects of team characteristics, especially work on communication.

Online Lipdub

Lipdub literally means lip dubbing. Basically, participants move their lips and build a choreography to the notes of a famous song. The choreography is guided by our trainers who help participants build a story, a sequence that has a correlation with the activity carried out by the company or the specific participating team.

Disguises, backgrounds, choreography can be adopted to make the work and the end result more exciting, as can be seen in the video published here.

How does it take place?

The process is similar to the Movie Making activity:

  1. first the teams will have to collaborate and create a storyboard
  2. then the roles and the ‘story’ will be defined and created.
  3. once the story, characters and setting have been decided, the scenes will have to be prepared to give the sense of story and action in the music video
Want to learn more about Virtual Team Building?

Corporate Song Online Team Building

This team building allows the team to work on corporate values, re-proposing them through music. The first part of team building is in fact dedicated to working on the lyrics. It starts with brainstorming to define the topic of the song, and then each person individually contributes to composing the lyrics. Now more than ever it is important to work on what can be motivating in a deeper and faster way. The 4 parts into which the activity is divided are therefore:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Writing of the lyrics
  3. Recording of the song parts
  4. Mixing

In a few words, guided by our music trainers, the team will have to narrate in a poetic text the goals and achievements of the company, its Vision, Mission, Values, future prospects, or put the company’s everyday life into rhyme. With the creation of a customised song, it is therefore possible to project employees towards a common outlook, focusing on what is really valuable for the company and the team and spur them on to give more and more for the good of all. After the lyric-writing phase, we drew up a schedule for writing and recording the song. According to the company’s requests, teams can record their parts of the song via video conference, which will then be mixed by themselves or the Teamworking staff after the event. It is also possible to involve high-level artists to put their experience at the service of the team and give the event a testimonial that enhances its value. If the aim is to build a bond of values and emotions, this musical format fits the bill perfectly!

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a special activity that has been gaining increasing popularity around the world in recent times. It is a unique method of laughing without jokes or comic gags, a revolutionary method of laughing without reason. We know that this is not a time when you feel like laughing a lot, but we are also sure that participating in an activity that can bring happiness and joy within the team can be of great help, both for the present and for the future. Mood is a key factor in team building. If most team members are in a good mood, it is easier to lift the spirits of members who may not be feeling their best. Thanks to our experienced trainer, this Team Building Online activity will be able to bring several benefits into the life of every team member.

Breakfast with crime

A hilarious reinterpretation of the famous live ‘Dinner with Murder‘ format. In this activity the team will have the opportunity to act, dress up, investigate and above all have fun together with their colleagues.

Based on an original script, which will be the basis, participants will be called upon to become actors for a day and impersonate roles and may find themselves either as murderers or sharp detectives.

From Agatha Christie’s famousMurder Game‘, we are re-proposing this activity in an online version to involve co-workers working remotely.

Fun is guaranteed.

Online Corporate Theatre

The theatre is a magical place where anyone can be anyone and anything they want. Theatre activities have become very popular at corporate events because of their simplicity and endless possibilities for expression. Such activities help resurrect imaginary characters and situations that can help resolve hidden tensions between team members. Theatre activities are particularly engaging from a personal point of view. This activity works on the sensitive, physical but above all mental level of the group, establishing a unique communication between team members. That is why it is also possible to do it virtually! With Virtual Company Theatre we offer cognitive, expressive, emotional activities. We have created an approach that borrows immediate, engaging and easy-to-experience tools from the theatre.

These are activities that can be carried out in both indoor and outdoor conditions, either communicating in person or in virtual connection. They are ideal whenever there is a group of people to work on relationally.

But what does the activity consist of?

The theatre activity consists of

  • building a character
  • working on how to express one’s emotions and how to convey them.

With this format, the imagination of the team members can run wild in many different ways. The character created can be anything from an old lady going shopping to a succulent plant on the balcony. The fun and training then comes when creating an interaction, a dialogue, between the characters.


The idea of this format is to create complex drawings, digitally, with contributions from all participants.

These are created by combining many different photographs, as if they were pixels. Depending on the colours, the photographs can be associated and positioned next to each other to create a logo or a larger, more representative image, chosen by the team or company itself.

In this virtual team building, each team must think up, produce and share with its group photos on a precise topic, linked to a company value or a specific theme.

The picture chosen must be shared by everyone and have a deep meaning for the participants for reasons that may be personal, related to their team or to the company logo.

At the end of the activity, through the subsequent editing stages, all the images chosen and taken will be put together to create a unique work that can have different meanings. This will then be printed in digital format and can also remain in the office as a souvenir for the future.

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