Excursion in the Desert

As a day-long adventure to add to our incentive in Dubai, we propose to bring your team into the wild for an excursion in the desert. We will be surrounded by impressive panoramas and face challenges linked to orienteering and surviving in hard weather conditions. How can we travel in the desert? By feet, by camels or even… in a 4×4 quad!

A special Guide for our Excursion in the Desert

A special guide for our Excursion in the Desert: Max Calderan

A special guide for our Excursion in the Desert: Max Calderan

In our adventures, we always have at our side great experts of the desert. For example? We traversed the desert of Sinai with Max Mahdi Calderan, a famous Italian extreme explorer! He’s also the author of books on desert training like The force within (new edition 2016). He covered a lot of desert areas by feet, running, stopping only for microcycles of sleep of 20-25 minutes.

What have we learned from him? Mental force, which allows exploiting all the potential of the human body and mind! In fact, our body hides capacities and forces we wouldn’t believe possible, but that reveal themselves in extreme conditions. Running in the desert, where it’s hot by day and cold by night, without resting nor eating, it’s precisely the occasion to show all our body’s possibilities.

Our desert coaches will teach the team how to exploit all the potentials of body and mind, to face difficult situations and to survive in extreme climate conditions. Take a look at our experience in the Desert of Sinai!