Dance Dance Dance Team Building in UAE

After music, painting, and cinema we put to test another artistic team building format: Dance Dance Dance Team Building in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Participants enter a dancing class to become skilled dancers.

With this team building activity we will prove that, if you are willing to dance and have a lot of energy, it’s not necessary to have solid classic ballet basics! With our dancing trainers, everything is possible. Even learning to dance from zero, at any age.

Let’s take a look at our video of this dancing team building activity:



Participants of this format, divided into teams, will follow a lesson of their favorite dance style. We already proposed tango and different Latin-American styles, but also more modern dance like hip hop. Partner dancing may seem embarrassing for a group of colleagues, but it’s a really effective way to exit the office routine and get to know each other from a different point of view. This really original team building will let us discover qualities we never suspected of… in people, we meet every day!


Finally… the show!

music team building & incentive in dubai: dance dance dance

music team building & incentive in Dubai: dance dance dance

But it will not be just a simple lesson! During our activity, each group will prepare a short choreography. Thus, at the end of the lessons, every group will perform on the stage in front of the coworkers. It will be a dance competition, focused not so much on dancing skills (that, however, will be taken into account), how on the originality of moves and on the energy shown.

The competitions are not only about dancing: the teams will have fantastic costumes to wear. The aesthetic component will be evaluated too! Originality, courage and a little transgression will be awarded. And don’t forget that most of the times these are couple dances. So, the sensuality of moves is also important. Will your team be able to surprise the rest of the company with an exhibition worthy of the best Broadway stages?!