Crossword Team Building in Dubai

Crossword Team Building in Dubai is an original idea to build corporate identity, get to know each other better and spend time together. It’s a simple yet powerful tool of teamwork but also of competition. To solve a crossword may seem a board game… but what if we added a speed race where wins the team that completes the grid by first?! If your international team needs to align and share values, this is the perfect creative and action teambuilding.



Crossword Team Building in Dubai: a giant game

To make our Crossword an even more exciting experience, let us present you Giant Crossword!

Crossword Team BuildingA crossword that is one meter high and some meters wide is, by no means, a big challenge. We assure you that to fill such a puzzle is in no way easy!

Crossword Team Building can be an idea for:

  • a “stand-alone” team building format;
  • an addition to another activity during a corporate event.

The crossword’s definitions can be personalized according to your company’s needs and interests. Test the members of your team in the knowledge of your company’s facts and history, and then award the most loyal clients or collaborators. Also perfect to be played during dinner, just like Super Quiz Team Building!