Heroes Day Team Building in Dubai: we can be heroes!

Do you ever feel like coming in the office each day and facing problems and relationships with your colleagues is kind of a Mission Impossible? At the end of the week, you feel like you’re a superhero? Let your dream come true with our creative corporate format Heroes Day Team Building in Dubai!



Let your creativity out!

Heroes Day Team Building in Dubai let you become for a day a superhero of your fantasy. Create your own costume and makeup, invent and put to test any kind of superpowers. Together with your colleagues you will assemble an unbeatable team… and save the planet (or just your company)!

Heroes DayYou will live an experience just like in a Hollywood movie (for which you can also see Movie Making Team Building)! There will be spectacular make-up, fantastic costumes, and incredible special effects. During the Heroes Day Team Building in Dubai, your group of colleagues will learn to work together and face challenges with humor and fun, in order to become a real Superhero Team. Each will bring a contribution to his/her cultural background and discover those of others.

This extremely fun team building has a nearly incredible effect on team spirit. After they have become superheroes, the colleagues get to know each other better, find unexpected points of touch and, in the end, become friends. From now on, thanks to superpowers of communication and teamwork, facing the everyday challenges in the office will be as easy as playing a game! The fun factor brings this team building format next to another activity with high emotional impact: Lipdub. And, just like in this case, we can also create a video spot that will remain as a memory of the shared experience.