Lipdub Team Building in UAE – let’s get disguised!

This is one of our favorite music team building! Participants have to dub a famous song, creating their own music video on the notes of a recent summer hit. A Lipdub Team Building in UAE, Dubai and Ahu Dhabi is most of all an occasion to express creativity and have fun together. Take a look at how we did it in the past:


As the first step of the activity, participants are divided into teams and choose the theme they want to represent in their video clip. Then they can choose costumes, makeup, and accessories they want to use to create their characters. Someone chooses according to his/her interpretation of the song, someone according to personal taste, and someone just leaves space to imagination and creativity.

Are you ready? Let’s dance!

team building & incentive in dubai: music team building lipdub

team building & incentive in Dubai: music team building lipdub

Once the costumes have been chosen, it’s time to get into action. Each team, supported by our trainers, prepares a choreography it will perform during the recording of the video. The scenes can be really different and exhilarating, depending on the fantasy and creativity of the group. They go from simulation of sports to the classic party conga, to wearing colored wigs and mocking celebrities.

In the end, we create the video clip, that will remain as proof and memory of the fantastic experience participants have just lived in the company of colleagues.


Lipdub Team Building in UAE: benefits for the team

Beyond its playful aspect, Lipdub team building brings benefits to the team and to the company. What can we do with Lipdub?

  • define and represent the company’s values,
  • give space to imagination,
  • train creativity,
  • express individuality,
  • improve the relationships inside the team, its level of cohesion and the quality of communication between the group’s members.

And… fun is guaranteed!