Team Building Social Constructions

Our concrete commitment

Would you like to do something concrete to help children or people in need?

In line with TeamWorking’s focus on social issues, we offer a range of environmentally and socially conscious activities. Our Social Team Building activities include Birdhouse Building, Vertical Garden Team Building, Paper Recycling and a series of other ecological activities… And right now we are proposing a brand new format: Team Building Social Constructions!

Building, with real tools and according to all due standards, something that is really useful and usable. Here is team building worthy of a truly great team.

The aim of this Social Team Building is to help children and young people whose families cannot afford to pay for a gym membership to play a sport.

As well as being important for physical development and health, sport is also a great way of channelling energy and getting used to discipline and communication with adults and peers. All of this is of great importance for children who have to cope with a difficult economic and family situation.

Building for sport

One activity we have already realised is the creation of a climbing wall. Where can such a work be realised? In many places: for example, in the gymnasium of a school or a community centre. In this way, we will enable children who do not have the possibility of enrolling in a sports centre to practice such a fun and fascinating sport as climbing.

We will provide all the necessary equipment and instructions on how to proceed, but it will be up to you to work hard to provide those who need it with a useful piece of equipment for sport and fun. But there will be no lack of fun in the course of the work too! The team spirit will certainly be strengthened by working together and the consciousness of doing a good deed.

And if you would like to personally test the newly erected climbing wall… well, what can we say? We certainly couldn’t stop you! In fact, we can all try to learn this beautiful sport together!

Costruzioni Sociali
What are you waiting for? Be part of the change!