Corporate Song Team Building in Dubai: creativity and music

Corporate Song Team Building in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all around UAE is one of the best corporate team building activities for working on the company’s values, mission and vision. With music and singing it is possible to make corporate values meet the employees’ necessities and to solve misunderstanding that, too often, have negative consequences on the team’s performance. Each member of the team has the possibility of understanding the leader with his ideas, values, and goals and become aware that his/her work is part of something bigger. In other words, the aim is to build a connection made of values and emotions.



Karaoke? No thanks! Let’s write an original song!

Nothing is more human than music, the only truly universal form of communication. That’s why our favorite artists raise us so strong emotions. Would we like to discover how they managed to create their songs?…

music team building & incentive in dubai: corporate song team building

music team building & incentive in Dubai: corporate song team building

Corporate Song is the answer! With this format, we can see to music our company’s values. The arrangement is very simple: participants are equipped with paper and pen and can take advantage of the help of an expert musician. With these instruments they start creating the lyrics of their song, giving as much space as possible to creativity, imagination, and emotions. We can provide a track or use one already existing; anyway, the lyrics will be created by you.

The number of participants in the Corporate Song team building is unlimited. They will be divided into small or big groups, in a context that will enhance the sense of belonging and team spirit. We also offer the opportunity to involve famous artists. Just imagine: you will ask your favorite singer about the story of the creation of his most touching song… and replicate it by yourself!


Corporate Song Team Building in Dubai: stating the company’s values

Music has no such limits as verbal expression. Is dynamism the basis of your company’s values? Or do you put first to everything ethic and integrity as key factors? Anything you look for in your employees can be expressed in the corporate song. Thanks to the strong link between ideas and emotions that only music can create, after the activity the team will be motivated like never before!