Urban Game iPad in Dubai

In our Urban Game iPad in Dubai, technology is at the service of Team Building!



One of the features of our urban team building activities is the possibility of using an iPad during the treasure hunt in the city. After a short briefing, the teams receive an iPad that they will use to make their tour of the city streets much more interactive. Photos, videos, a geolocated map, augmented reality effects and many more surprises are waiting for the Teams.

team building & incentive in dubai: urban game ipad

team building & incentive in Dubai: urban game iPad

The iPad allows a technologic and up-to-date approach to the team building activities. It turns the discovery of a new city into a technological adventure, a way to have fun, stay in company and share emotions.

During the activity, participants can use the iPad to:

  • take photos during the photographic activities;
  • shoot short videos;
  • receive hints and questions;
  • chat with other teams;
  • send images;
  • challenge the rival teams in little games;
  • experience effects of augmented reality.

And all of this while working in a team and walking around the streets of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Try this technological adventure with us!