Corporate Family Day

5 good reasons to bring kids in the office

Corporate Family Day, born in the USA, is developing around all the world and now also in Italy. It is an Open Day when a company opens its door to welcome the employees’ families. No matter if it’s a big multinational corporation or a small family company: such an occasion is always useful. To bring our spouse and kids to the office can seem just a way to let them see our place of work… but it’s much more than that!

A Corporate Family Day improves the Work-Life Balance and helps establish more deep and “true” interpersonal relationships. In this way, it is beneficial both for the company and for the individual and his family. What are the advantages of a well organized Corporate Family Day? We found at least 5 of them!

1. Stimulating human relationships

TheCorporate Family Day is a beautiful social occasion where colleagues will get to know each other better than in the everyday office routine. To meet each other’s families will be a mean to make new friendships and deepen the ones that already exist, creating “horizontal” connections that will spread to all the family unit. And meeting colleagues outside the office will be good for our Work-Life Balance!

Recommended activity:

Lipdub: It’s one of our most dynamic and fun formats! Participants must create a music video with an original choreography, “dubbing” a famous song. With wigs, makeup and costumes, coworkers will reveal themselves different from usual. And the video recorded will remain as a memory of a nice day spent together.

2. Building loyalty

The office is the place where we spend the greatest part of our life. From Monday to Friday, from morning till evening, our days pass here among desks and colleagues. Who thus become a second family to us. Especially if we manage to connect, at least for just one day, our real life family with the corporate one.

A better familiarity with spaces, furniture, atmosphere of the working environment for the relatives will incresce spirit of belonging and loyalty to the company.

Recommended activity:

Engineering formats, especially Lego Building. To build with Lego bricks our company, or to design the office of our dreams, will be a great way to share our working space with kids… and come back to childhood ourselves!

Want to know more on this kind of event?

3. Lowering stress

Sometimes, even the best working environment arouses in us a sensation of stress and annoyance. Let’s try solving this problem by living the company, even for only one day, in a different way! To put a photography of our children on the desk isn’t enough; but if the kids themselves will pay a visit to our working environment, the memory of our presence will help us to overtake everyday stress.

Recommended activity:

all the creative formats, but particularly Action Painting. Painting is a great anti-stress activity, and working on a common canvas or on more canvasses that will be put together in a final “mosaic” will make us feel more relaxed. Moreover, each employee will find the occasion to reveal an artistic talent that has been so far hidden to the colleagues!

4. Abolishing hierarchies

In the office there’s a manager and his employees; but when children come in, everybody become just enthusiast mothers and fathers. Meeting our chief’s family will let us abolish for a while corporate hierarchies without canceling them, to enter a more relaxed working environment. It may seem trivial, but seeing the manager’s humanity will let employees experience the office with less anxiety.

Recommended activity:

Corporate Orchestra: in a drumming orchestra everybody plays in the circle, without difference of degree or level. Music is a universal language that puts in communication emotions directly, without need of words. In this way we will put colleagues in contact with their deepest inner reality, usually hidden. And how much fun for the kids!

5. Strengthening team spirit

A Corporate Family Day is also a festive occasion to celebrate the results reached by the company during the year. That’s why we should provide a convivial moment to put together at the table all the members of the different corporate teams. A tasty dinner will ease interpersonal interaction, and help real friendships to get born.

Recommended activity:

Team Cooking. In all its varieties, culinary team building offers the space to test effective team work. Understanding a procedure, dividing the tasks, managing time and space, displaying creativity and fantasy… all the skills of a great working team will be put to trial with fun and agility. And at the end we all will taste the product of our hard work.

Which could ever be a better team building for the ending of a corporate celebration?!

In conclusion, the Family Day is an occasion of “natural” team building naturale that will strengthen team spirit. Team members will celebrate together and try creative activities. By this mean they will become able of interacting in different and more efficient ways than before. Everybody will find the occasion to prove his/her best abilities, leadership qualities that are too often hidden. The company will become a kind of big family where everyone has a specific role, but where everybody works for a common goal with joy and positivity. To try this emotion once will be the first step towards the creation of a better working environment for all the rest of the year!

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