Corporate Orchestra Team Building in UAE: from the body to drums

Corporate Orchestra Team Building in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a music activity involving so-called sounds building and drum circle. This particular team building category perfectly fits perfectly for small teams, but also for groups of hundreds of people. Energy flows differently, but in both cases, we can work on very deep communication dynamics. In small groups, it’s easier to work on listening, comprehension, complementarity, and spirit of sharing. In a Corporate Orchestra of many components, on the contrary, we can highlight a sense of belonging, team integration and an unconscious common rhythm.



Music as a universal language

The language of music needs time to be perceived. That’s why in the music team building activities each participant needs some time to take confidence, abandon shyness and prejudices. Then Music Trainers start working on voices and sounds, experiencing strong relational dynamics in a group context. The training activity follows different steps:

  • awareness of our own role,
  • alignment and collaboration,
  • team motivation,
  • harmony,
  • integration between the different functions.

During the activity, the team develops such skills as mutual listening, communication, attention, energy, and willingness to get involved. A musical approach, in fact, produces in people a high level of emotional engagement.

music team building & incentive in dubai: corporate orchestra

music team building & incentive in Dubai: corporate orchestra

Imagine a group of people who sit in a circle playing percussions. They aren’t getting ready for an exhibition: drum circle is an experience in itself. The number of participants can vary. The main purpose is to share rhythm and find harmony with ourselves and others. In the drum circle, nobody is a spectator, everybody is part of the musical experience. Nobody is a teacher, there is only a coach who gives his best to help to create team spirit.

Participants of a drum circle and a corporate orchestra enrich one another, celebrating a community through music and rhythm. Whoever starts playing can offer something to the others, who will understand and take on the rhythm. The magic of music overpasses age, racegenderculture, and religion. The keywords? Cooperation and teamwork. The result? A musical performance created at the moment by all the participants.