Stream Building: Our Online Teambuilding Proposition

How to engage your team and reset all distances

Team Building online digital remote
Team Building online digital remote

We never stop helping teams to live at their best. Even in this global pandemic, we are with you organizing virtual Team Building  and online events.

We have been forced to change our daily lives to work in totally different conditions. Companies had to complete a routine transformation in a few weeks which normally would have taken months, if not years.

In order to overcome distance between people, organize Online Team Building events.

Online Experiential Learning


Experiential Training has the advantage of working also through the subconscious. It is a methodology that engages emotionally through impactful experiences. We try to make participants live and share real moments combining the logical level and the emotional level.

Challenges and problem solving allow team members to manifest skills and attitudes that too often appear hidden in everyday business.
In this environment, colleagues know each other from a new point of view. This helps to develop less formal and more effective communication and collaboration. We transferred all these concepts… ONLINE!

Live Teambuildings or Team Building online?

We have developed many formats that allow teams  to experience team building together despite the distance, sharing experiences via web platforms. Here are some examples of Virtual Team Buildings:


For the first time online, this Team Building is a sequence of enigmas to solve together with the colleagues. The team will have to go through virtual rooms and look for the exit using every element to solve secret codes, enigmas, brain teasers and riddles. This format stimulates problem solving skills and team cohesion. It will require creativity and teamwork.


Number of rooms to escape, Time Available, Penalty minutes are customizable.
Asking for clues or giving incorrect answers will decrease precious minutes from the timer. The Team will need to develop a winning strategy to claim victory.

With the Team News Team Building format, participants will create a newscast. Each team member will have his space and will prepare a press report of 1-2 minutes in which he will update his team on a chosen topic.

Like the Radio Team format, this Team Building aims to recreate the television studios emotions.

Each company television news will be registered and then presented to the rest of the team and company. For this, it will be a video that can be viewed in the future, remaining as a collective memory element to be used on festive occasions or as an element of promotion inside or outside the company itself.

Even in this type of event, the guiding thread will always be of the corporate type: the latest news will be heard on the news regarding the company, product advertising, updates on new communication methods or resource management. Especially in a period like this, it can be an opportunity to improve various aspects of the team’s characteristics, especially the work on communication.

This puzzling team building is very creative.

The enigmatic competition allows companies to “challenge” Team Members on company culture, values ​​or other aspects. Crossword TeamBuilding can also be used with customers and appreciate their knowledge of the company.

It can be announced BEFORE an important presentation promising prizes for the winners. This will increase attention during the presentation and fun during the Team Building.

The teams are offered a true crossword puzzle scheme that they will have to solve using all their knowledge. Collaboration is fundamental: each participant will receive puzzles to solve that will lead to definitions for the crossword puzzle.

Mosaic Team

The idea is to create complex digital images with the contribution of all participants.

These are created by combining hundreds of different pictures, as if they were pixels. Single images will be positioned close to each other in order to create a larger and more representative logo or image. Final result is chosen by the team itself.

In this virtual Team Building, each Team must find, produce or share photos with the Team on a specific topic, linked to company values or to a specific theme. The chosen final image will be shared by all and have a profound meaning for the participants for reasons that may be personal, related to their work group or the company’s logo.

At the end of the activity, all the images shared will be put together to create a unique work with different meanings. This will then be printed and remain in the office as a memory for the future.

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The team will work on Vision, Mission, Values. or on daily work life

Through their song, employees focus on common goal, placing the focus on what really matters for the company. It encourages the team to give more and more for the good of all. It is also possible to engage artists to spice up participation.

This musical format is perfect to build a bond made of values ​​and emotions!

This online team building allows the team to work on corporate values, proposing them through music. It begins with a brainstorming to define the topic of the song. The second part is focused on the  lyrics and each participant contributes to lyrics composition. Third part is Singing and later our staff will work on the editing.

Now more than ever it is important to work on profound and deep motivation.

Recap Corporate Song is divided in 4 parts:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Lyrics Writing
  3. Recording
  4. Editing
Ciak! Si gira

Do you think it is impossible to produce a short film remotely?

If the team is aligned and guided by our facilitators we are sure it can be done and it will be a wonderful experience!

How does it work?

Each team member will contribute through:

  • the storyboard
  • the shooting
  • the final editing

Participants will feel closer by collaborating in the creative activity and then enjoyong the result It will be a unique commercial spot or a real short movie.

Any production will remain as a memory of the day and a corporate communication tool. It will also be a support for future tough moments.

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super quiz

Super Quiz is an excellent activity tfor various corporate moments.

The participants will be at their own desk and will answer tryong to score points for their team.

The questions may relate to general knowledge topics or be customized on company facts. It can be a useful way to verify the understanding of concepts shared during a meeting or after the presentation/launch of a product. The perspective of being tested will also entice employees and/or customers to pay more attention to the presentation.

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creative team building & incentive in dubai: heroes day

Heroes Day turns each participant into a different superhero! The most important value within each team is diversity, and we want to help the team to work on it.

It is important for each team member to give space to their peculiarities. The Heroes Day activity celebrates the differences and highlights the strengths of each person.

It is recommended for teams in which there is already some mutual knowledge. Each team member will be assigned by colleagues a superhero with specific characteristics and superpowers. This introspective work represents a moment of discovery and self-discovery. This moment often generates surprises.

It reveals the attention of colleagues for sides of the personality sometimes hidden.

Each superhero will have:

  • superpowers (always related to the workplace)
  • a super secret move
  • gadgets

At the end of the activity, it is possible to create a video with superhero performances, which will remain as a memory of the experience and a possible communication and promotion tool for the brand.

Body Percussion

This musical team building can be an icebreaking activity, or  a stand-alone team building. It is an energizing format that brings joy and to the team.

The challenge behind Body Percussion is using your body as a musical instrument. Starting from simple movements, it is possible to combine increasingly complex combinations with voice and rhythm.
The goal of Body Percussion is to create deep dynamics and affects:

  • communication
  • active listening
  • interaction
  • leadership

Additional option: Haka

One more option is to enrich Body Percussion with the creation of a Haka: the Maori dance. It is played with many “instruments” of our body such as hands, feet, legs, body, and voice. It is performaed during many sport events. It is often associated with a war shout. It’s not just a “war shout”. It can also be a manifestation of joy and a way to fully express one’s feelings.

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