WORLD TOUR in 80 minutes

Team Building with MR X and World Tour in 80 minutes

A mysterious stranger who has acquired many secrets from the most powerful people is now threatening the world end. He promises to do horrible things and using his twisted master plan to destroy everything. The team mission will be to stop him and to save the world.

Our online WORLD TOUR format helps every team member be involved every step of the way and everyone will have to engage in order move forward. Every team will be able to travel thru many different countries, using every element possible to solve secret codes, enigmas, brain teasers and riddles. This format will help to improve knowledge and will stimulate problem solving skills, as well as team cohesion. It will also require creativity and some serious teamwork.



You will be able to choose from number of countries to visit. You can also decide on time limits based on your availability, and you will be able to customizable penalty minutes.

In addition, Your team will also have to keep in mind that asking for clues or giving incorrect answers will decrease precious minutes from the timer. In order to proceed every team will need to develop a winning strategy to claim victory.


Why to chose our Team Building WORLD TOUR

Firstly, it is a logical game with great amount of adrenaline. And, secondly because collaboration is necessary: without joining everybody’s forces it’s absolutely impossible to stop Mr X!

Colleagues will need to collaborate, communicate, use at best the qualities of each Team member in order to reach the common goal. And, last but not least, during this experiential training you will experience a lot of team spirit and fun!

Go ahead and ask as for a free quotation based on your team personal needs.

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