Fashion Team Building in Dubai: international clothing

Who said that sewing is only for women? Of course, we’re used to see our mothers and grandmothers armed with needles and¬†thread, sewing a button or even creating handmade clothes. But maybe you have heard about Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. It’s a matter of fact that the best stylist in the world are men. And there’re always more boys who choose fashion as a professional path. In the last years we see always more young male stylists. That’s why, in Fashion Team Building in Dubai, we will discover that men can also create great projects… and experience international clothing traditions!


Inspiration of Fashion Team Building? Project Runway!

Fashion Team BuildingWe took inspiration from the famous TV show Project Runway to create this creative team building format dedicated to all the lovers of clothing, fashion and design.

In the TV show, competitors challenge each other in designing and creating clothes that will be judged by a panel of famous stylists. But it’s not only a matter of fantasy: competitors work in a real laboratory, have a preset budget, a limited time and a precise theme. Their coach is a professional clothes designer, who decides the weekly theme, supports them and observes their work.

In the same way, Fashion Team Building in Dubai gives participants the opportunity to try the stylist’s job. They also will have limited resources and time, but also will benefit of an advantage: they will work in team! Each team will have to create a complete outfit using its creative skills, but mainly sharing ideas and communicating.

And in the end… why not putting up a runway show?!


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