Cooking Challenge Team Building in Dubai

Did you ever dream about starting a cooking contest among your colleagues? With our Cooking Challenge Team Building in Dubai, you can now make this fun and new experience!

In this team cooking format, teams of aspiring Chefs face many different challenges that put to trial their technical ability and creativity in cooking. According to company goal, there can be only one winning team or different prizes, or even an ending where everyone have to join their efforts to win the competition all together.

With our team building Cooking Challenge, aspiring Chefs, divided as usual in different teams, test themselves in various trials. For example? Sometimes they must cook a dish using only the ingredients chosen by our chefs; in another test, they will try to repeat a very special plate proposed by a world-famous chef.

With Cooking Challenge, you’re the chef!

With us, the team can live a special and unique experience! In fact, taking part in our activity, participants deal with the preparation of exquisite and originally decorated plates. At the same time, they develop leadership skills, improve relation and integration with the colleagues, get to know better other members of the team.

This kind of Team Cooking will let participants experiment with dishes of international cuisine between appetizers, first and main courses, fish, vegetables, and even desserts to express all their creativity. At the end of the day will be a great satisfaction to taste together with the menu prepared by the team and have a nice relaxed conversation in front of a glass of wine.

In the kitchen, just like on a playing field, there is a team of people who work together to achieve a result. That’s why Cooking Challenge Team Building in Dubai help participant teams to truly understand the importance of teamwork and leadership.

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Cooking Challenge Team Building: how do we do it

Team Cooking are super fun multicultural activities. In this Cooking Competition, the main ingredients for winning are to be fast and a good team player.

The activity consists in a series of cooking challenges. All the participants will be divided in cooking teams and compete against each other, until one wins – or we can arrange different prizes.

The activity might be customized but it is normally divided in 3 main parts:

  • The first challenge will regard the mastering of technical skills, such as cutting, slicing and giving specific shapes to raw ingredients.
  • The second challenge will ask the participants to invent a dish using a very specific ingredient, or to deal with otherwise scarse resources or time.
  • In the third part the participants will prepare a set menu. It will need to be coherent, well prepared and presented.

At the end there will be a winning team and possibly even a winning chef.