Carton Boat Team Building in Dubai: swimming pool or ocean?

Carton Boat Team Building in Dubai is the perfect team activity to incentive employees and clients and build their loyalty while having a lot of fun! It’s an opportunity to test our knowledge of the Archimedes’ principle. We would say that a boat made of cardboard cannot sail, but this action team building activity proves it is possible!

The goal of the team is to build, with limited time and resources, boats made of cardboard. They must be designed with an original idea, built and decorated in order to be nice to see and able to sail. Which team will be able to complete the mission… or at least to go down after all the others?┬áTake a look at our video spot:


Carton Boat in Dubai: which benefits for the team?

This team building activity stimulates our capacities of:

  • design
  • creativity
  • manual work
  • division of roles
  • coordination of efforts.

In the beginning, rival teams gain points in order to “buy” building materials for the boat. Then they deal with an apparently impossible endeavor: a boat made of cardboard. We will put to trial the principle of Archimedes, according to which the bodies can float in water. Afterward, depending on the conditions of the weather, we will start the race in a swimming pool or at the ocean’s shore!